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The ARC Project

Audio Recordings for Christ or ‘ARC’ is a new initiative of New Life Prison Ministries, intended to attract a new and younger audience throughout the prison system through the use of audio sermons, devotionals, worship via one handheld audio device.

Introduced in 2015, the ARC is a solar audio device approved by Correctional Services Canada for use in federal prison institutions. The ARC is also approved for use at many Provincial institutions as well.

Each device costs $25 to place one ARC device in the hands of one inmate. This includes the cost of purchasing the device, ear buds, loading content, chargers for each institution, mailing, follow up and data collection. The inmate is free to keep the device if they wish to do so.

If you’d like to sponsor one or more ARC devices, please contact us at newlife@nlpm.ca or to donate please CLICK HERE.

If you’re a chaplain interested in placing ARC units at your institution, please email our Executive Director: Rosemary@nlpm.ca.

New Life Prison ministries wishes to gratefully acknowledge the following organizations who generously provided content at no charge as part of the ARC Project:

- Alpha Canada
- Canadian Families and Corrections Network
- Christianity Explored
- Daily Hope Ministries
- Danamarie Music
- Eliane Guite
- Evangeline Inman
- Living Truth Ministries
- Lynda Lewis
- Promise Keepers Canada
- Reach Beyond
- Stand Firm Band
- Testimonies from New Life grads

To make a life-changing gift to the ARC Project, please CLICK HERE. 


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