Our Audio Devices

Our Audio Devices

Introduced in 2015, ARC (Audio Recordings for Christ) is a solar powered listening device that was approved by Correctional Services Canada for distribution in the Federal Prisons in 2015. Our demo model was circulated in several prisons in the fall of 2015.

arcThis solar powered device allows inmates to listen to up to 8 GB of material and requires no power adapter.  It allows for ear buds for inmates who share a dormitory setting or double-bunked cell.   New Life Prison Ministries sees this device as an opportunity to reduce postage costs and reach an audience that may have difficulty reading our course materials.  As the device could hold a large amount of data, we seized the opportunity to share our device with other  organizations.  We currently have the following organizations or individuals partnering with us in the recordings:

Alpha Canada
Canadian Families and Corrections Network
Christianity Explored
Daily Hope Ministries
Danamarie Music
Eliane Guite
Evangeline Inman
Faith FM
Living Truth- Charles and Hilary Price
Lynda Lewis
Promise Keepers
Reach Beyond
Stand Firm Band

We also have a large number of testimonies from ex-inmates contained on the device.  Bible verses are read to background music helping in meditation or under specific situations such as depression and abandonment.

Reach Beyond Canada has offered us their support financially and in the use of their recording studio. Galcom Canada is providing each device for a reduced cost of $20.00.

As we work on our final edition, we offer this as an opportunity for you to help this specific ministry.

Would you consider sponsoring us for a device which will reach into prisons and bring the gospel where you and I will never go.   Donate securely through Canada Helps.

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