Our Bible Course Ministry

Our Bible Course Ministry

Requesting a Bible Course

At the request of an offender or ex-offender, the first package is given out by the prison chaplain, or mailed directly from one of our offices. The free package includes the text book, exams, instructions and a postage-paid envelope. For many, this is the beginning of their spiritual journey with the Lord! After the student completes the course, he or she fills out the exams and mails them back. The exams are marked and personally instructed by a trained Christian volunteer. In addition, personal letters are written in response to questions or comments on the exams. 

Award Books and Certificates

A certificate is awarded for each course successfully completed and a reward book is sent after every five courses. There are over 90 course in our curriculum list.

Course Languages

We offer courses in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. 



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