Jason’s Story

Jasons StoryMy story starts with life just a few years ago; I lived for drugs, and nothing else. I had no other life-motivation except for hanging out with friends, finding drugs and doing drugs.

It wasn’t too long before I was arrested and went to jail. I had been involved a little in a church before I went to jail, so I had learned about God and Jesus, but I didn’t remember much. I started to do Bible studies with some guys in jail and someone was doing New Life Prison courses, so I signed up and started doing the courses.

The studies had a big impact on me. They weren’t a lot of work and made me think about life. I remember them not being huge questions, and I would get feedback from my New Life instructor right away. That encouraged me because someone was communicating with me and I knew they were praying for me.

I said to myself, “If they can do it, I can do it.”

This made my time in jail go faster and I was getting to know God. With each booklet, I was getting to know God better. My instructor was giving me good feedback that was encouraging me with each study I completed. He was communicating with me on a regular basis, praying for me and also congratulating me for doing the things I was doing. He also encouraged me to ‘keep going’.

After release from jail, I entered the Teen Challenge program. It took me several attempts (I blew it 2x previously) but I later graduated from the men’s program in Saskatchewan. After graduation, I attended the Battle River Ranch Camp which is a Christian program that teaches you trades. I learned welding, carpentry and plumbing. I helped out at a company in a nearby town and they guaranteed a job after finishing the program.

So, I got a job plumbing and then slowly came back into the world. I met a wonderful lady, got married to Tanna and now run my own side business installing garage doors. I’m in my third-year apprenticing in plumbing. My life has changed in so many ways, and it’s awesome!

Jasons Story Success
Before I was a bum on the street with no day-to-day job. I have now been clean and sober for 5 years, but I still need to be on my guard. Even the struggles I have today are so much better than it was in years gone by. He was the one that totally changed my heart.

If you give yourself to God you have to give yourself fully to serving Him. You can’t be on and off in your relationship with God. I’m thankful to so many ministries, friends and many others that helped me get to where I am today. To God be the glory for what he has done in my life.

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