Bible Courses

Bible Course Ministry

The New Life Bible study course program is comprised of 90 study booklets, exams and instructions all delivered under the guidance of a trained instructor.

Getting Connected

Aftercare Ministry

New Life Prison Ministries believes that active participation with a proven support network significantly reduces the risk of relapse for ex-offenders.

Audio Device

Audio Devices Ministry

The solar-powered ARC audio device is a handheld unit pre-loaded with 180 hours of Bible scripture, sermons, worship music and resources for the inmate.  

Helping Returnees


New Life Prison Ministries testimonials are a collection of testimonies from ex-offenders who have benefited from New Life programs and have successfully re-integrated into society. 

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Bible Courses

Bible Course Ministry

Requesting a Bible Course

At the request of an offender or ex-offender, the first study package is distributed by a prison chaplain, or mailed directly to the individual from one of our offices. The free-of-charge study package includes one study booklet, instructions, a short exam and a free postage-paid return envelope.

Inmates across Canada completed 14,000+ studies in 2017!

For many, this is the beginning of their spiritual journey understanding Christianity and what it means to live for God as a committed Christian person.

After the student completes each of their assigned study courses, they are requested to return their exam with a short letter or comments to the New Life offices for review and grading.  Each study or letter received from the inmate  is marked and reviewed with a personal response by one of our trained volunteers.   One volunteer is assigned to each student throughout the duration of their studies. 

Award Books and Certificates

A certificate is awarded for each course successfully completed and a reward book is sent after every five courses completed. There are over 90 courses available in the New Life curriculum program.

Course Languages

We offer courses in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Getting Connected

Aftercare Ministry

As part of our aftercare strategy, New Life Prison Ministries works with the Dismas Fellowship Network, which is a support network for ex-offenders that meets monthly across Canada in various communities.

If you or someone you know is seeking support after release from incarceration, please contact us at Attendance is by invitation due to probation, parole and other regulations. For further information on Dismas Fellowship Network, please go to:

Other ways to get involved

“Welcome back” bags are something we like to provide for each newly-released prisoner. If you are interested in learning more about helping our ex-offenders through our Welcome Back program, please email us at
If your church would like to learn how to welcome and support ex-prisoners returning to your community, please contact us. We have lot of advice and support to offer, along with materials to help you get started.

Audio Device


The ARC Project

Audio Recordings for Christ or ‘ARC’ is a new initiative of New Life Prison Ministries. Aimed at attracting a new and younger audience throughout the prison system, the device is pre-loaded with 180 hours of audio sermons, devotionals, worship via one handheld audio device.

Introduced in 2016, the ARC is a solar audio device is approved by Correctional Services Canada for use in all federal prison institutions. The ARC is also approved for use at many Provincial institutions as well.


New Life's goal is to place 10,000 ARC audio devices in the hands of inmates at institutions all across Canada. Currently, over 1,000 devices have been funded and are being delivered to institutions via chaplains across Canada. 

Each device costs $25 to place in the hands of one inmate. This includes the cost of purchasing the solar audio device, ear buds, loading content, chargers for each institution, mailing, and follow up and data collection. The inmate is free to keep the device upon release, if they wish to do so.

If you’d like to sponsor one or more ARC devices, please contact us at or to donate please CLICK HERE.

If you’re a chaplain interested in placing ARC devices at your institution, please contact our Executive Director:

New Life Prison ministries wishes to gratefully acknowledge the following organizations who generously provided content at no charge as part of the ARC Project:

  • Alpha Canada
  • Canadian Families and Corrections Network
  • Christianity Explored
  • Daily Hope Ministries
  • Instead of Silver
  • Eliane Guite
  • Evangeline Inman
  • Klemke Foundation
  • Living Truth Ministries
  • Lynda Lewis
  • Promise Keepers Canada
  • Reach Beyond
  • Stand Firm Band
  • Testimonies from New Life grads
  • Celebrate Recovery

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