Testimonials from Students

“I came to prison for the first time and I was at the end of my rope. My family turned away from me and my friends were gone. I was lost and hurt. I started doing Bible Studies and found comfort in reading my Bible. The more I read the less I hurt and I know there was only one friend I had who was always there. I just did not talk to Him much or know Him much. When I accepted Jesus in my life, the flood of tears washed away the hurt. Today I have peace and joy in my heart. I have been blessed.” -D.

“There are gang members here who are here for murder. The Word of God is very powerful. I spoke to these men about how much God loves them and can change their lives. So I have planted the seed. Now, some of these men go to Chapel and are changing their lives. God will make it grow. I have seen this with my own two eyes.” -D.

“I always went to church and read my Bible, but I did not understand that it was a personal commitment. When I started doing Bible studies, it helped me understand. So in my prison cell I asked Jesus into my life and help me with the mess I have in my life. I will do what God asks me to do.” -D.

“I like this course a lot for it helps me to understand more about Jesus. I thank you for giving the courses to us all in jail. Everybody who is working on this course feels the same as myself.” -R.

“When I first started to do the courses, my life was quickly going down the drain. I had pushed God out of my life. I thought I could do it. He has given me a second chance to turn my life around and do what He has saved me to do: follow Him all the way to heaven.” -R.

“I was to get a parole hearing the end of December. I turned it down until May to stay here and learn more about the Lord and myself. Abraham offered his son. I offer my worldly freedom. I will call the government and lay out a plan to pay them the taxes I owe. I have already prayed for forgiveness. However, when it is done, I will pray and give thanks.” -D.

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Testimonials from Chaplains

“The Bible studies you left with me went like hotcakes. They were all gone virtually overnight…  Twice Pardoned is having its effect as well. Many of the guys are asking for it.  Keep up the good work!” -Ontario

“We here at the Chaplaincy Department greatly appreciate your Ministry. We are indeed grateful for all the literature and Bible studies which pour through our hands. If you would like to send a copy of all your materials, I would be happy to advertise them as well as place some in our library.” -New Brunswick

“Congratulations on another year of faithful service. As chaplain, I would like to thank each of you for your ministry within this institution via Bible correspondence courses and videos, and I look forward to more in the future.” -Alberta

“Good to hear from you again.  Your new study “The Company We Keep” looks very interesting and yes I would like a copy to look over.  I really like the Bible studies from NLPM because they deal with the issues of the incarcerated.   And I find that the men here are quick to grab a copy when it is available.  I am thinking about leading some study sessions using your curriculum.  Keep up the great work. ” -British Columbia

“Thank you for the fine and extensive Bible studies that you put out.  I am happy to inform you that I have seen inmates change as they get into the Word and do these Bible studies.  God Bless You.”  -Saskatchewan