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Home Page Icon2Who is eligible to take the Bible study courses?

New Life Prison Ministry offers Bible study correspondence courses primarily to offenders, ex-offenders, their families, and chaplains in institutions all across Canada.

Do the courses cost students money?

All of the Bible correspondence courses are provided free of charge to all students, regardless of whether or not they are presently incarcerated. Each course package includes a postage-paid envelope for the student to mail their exam to the New Life office once they have completed the course. We realize that many students are not financially able to contribute to the cost of books and courses, and we are glad to provide these materials free of charge.

How do instructors protect their privacy?

Instructors only use their first names when corresponding with students. If the instructor feels uncomfortable using their first name, a pseudonym may be used. We understand that privacy is extremely important and discourage instructors from divulging personal information at any time.

Do students really change?

Absolutely! The comments we receive from chaplains, volunteers, and the offenders themselves are incredible. Inmates often share that they have learned valuable skills such anger management and learning to forgive. For many students, learning about the Lord is an entirely new experience and we have evidence that through studying God’s Word, many begin to change their thought-processes to produce change in their lives.


New Life Prison Ministry is an exciting Canadian organization which provides Christian videos/DVDs and Bible correspondence courses to offenders, their families, and chaplains across Canada. New Life also actively participates in chapel services in institutions and one-on-one visitation with offenders


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  • Dismas BBQ

    July 24th Dismas BBQ was a huge success with 58 attendees! The night was full of fellowship, laughter and sharing. If you are looking for a place to belong once you are released from prison, make sure you look up www.friendsofdismas.com and find a local Dismas meeting near you!  
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  • Interesting article

    An interesting article from Christianity today-The first step to caring for the prisoner. Locked up but Not forgotten  
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  • Referal to Central North Correcional Centre

    Chaplain Cindy Wendel, from Central North Correctional Centre thanked us for an offender referral. She stated: “ It is always a blessing how God takes care of all the details of intervention! I spoke with to the gentleman today and he is so appreciative of NLPM support. He is a very quiet wounded man who
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  • Loving Lord you always come to meet us wherever we are. Give to all those serving sentences in Beaver Creek and Milner Correctional Centres the strength to lift first their eyes and then their hearts to recognise your light. Raise them up to stand in your presence and serve you, set them free from the
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  • We pray that setting aside our very selves we may learn to be neighbors to those who find themselves on the margins of human life and society especially the our brothers and sisters in Christ living in Nunavut.
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  • Request for Prayer

    We would like to pray that with God’s help, our brothers and sister in prison will be able to rebuild lives of dignity and integrity. May they find support and be truly welcomed within our Christian community. This month, we would like to pray especially for those in Fraser Regional and  Lethbridge Correctional Centres.
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